Friday, December 9, 2011

Open Access Journal: Estonian Journal of Archaeology

[First posted on AWOL 22 November 2009. Updated 9 December 2011]

Estonian Journal of Archaeology
ISSN 1736-7484 (electronic)
ISSN 1406-2933 (print)
The Estonian Journal of Archaeology is an international journal published by the Estonian Academy of Sciences in collaboration with the Institute of History of Tallinn Universityand the University of Tartu.

The journal publishes primary research and review papers in the English, Estonian, and German languages. All articles are provided with short summaries: if the article is written in Estonian, the summary should be in either English or German, and vice versa.
All papers to be published in the journal are peer reviewed internationally.

The journal is open for publications in all fields of archaeology.
It is published half-yearly in June and December.

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