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Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilization (DARMC)

[First posted in AWOL 12 October 2010. Updated 10 August 2011]

Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilization (DARMC)
The Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilization (DARMC) makes freely available on the internet the best available materials for a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) approach to mapping and spatial analysis of the Roman and medieval worlds. DARMC allows innovative spatial and temporal analyses of all aspects of the civilizations of western Eurasia in the first 1500 years of our era, as well as the generation of original maps illustrating differing aspects of ancient and medieval civilization. A work in progress with no claim to definitiveness, it has been built in less than three years by a dedicated team of Harvard undergraduates, graduate students, research scholars and one professor, with some valuable contributions from younger and more senior scholars at other institutions. For more details on who we are, please see the People page...

Map Contents
Roman Empire
Bishoprics ca. 600
Cities & Settlements
Other Features
Medieval Kingdoms
Angevins Empire & Capetian France C12
British Monasteries
Christian sites in the Holy Land, ca. 800
Cluniac Houses
Eastern Europe C9-C12
England and France C10-C13
Flanders & Picardy ca.1000
Franciscan Houses ca.1300
House of Burgundy C14-C15
Medieval Bishoprics
Mints C9-10
Papal States C8-C13
Reconquest Spain-Iberia C10-C13
Regular Canons ca.1250
Kingdoms and Towns
Civilization Feature
Crusader C11-C13
Diocese of Salzburg C8-C15
Ecclesiastical Province
Fair & Trade C10-C14
France Dioceses ca.1000
Hansa C12-C15
Historical & Scientific Precipitation C11-16
Islamic Centers C7-C15
Moselle Valley ca. 1000
Rats 1-1500
Shipwrecks 1-1500
Universities C12-C15
Vikings C7-C10
DARMC Background

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