Monday, October 3, 2022

Open Access Journal: Abgadiyat: Journal of Ancient, Modern and Digital Scripts and Inscriptions

ISSN: 2213-8609
Print Only ISSN: 1687-8280 

Cover Abgadiyat

Abgadiyat is a scientific peer-reviewed journal co-published by Brill and the Writing and Scripts Center affiliated to Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Its Arabic name means “alphabets".

Abgadiyat’s scope is the study, documentation, conservation, and interpretation of writing, calligraphy, paleography, epigraphy, and inscriptions throughout the world. The journal publishes new academic research in these areas to help better understand the history of all types of ancient writing and how they developed into current writing systems. Abgadiyat promotes the study of inscriptions and the history of writing universally and seeks to raise awareness and further knowledge about the relationships between ancient scripts, paleography, calligraphy, and epigraphy.

Mot recent online issue:


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