Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Iliad Translations Online

In 2019, the Malta Classics Association started to compile a list of translations of the Iliad into different languages. The below is the result of the search of MCA members and the generous contributions of several people who have forwarded us information about other translations.

If you would like to contribute to this database with additional translations, kindly reach out to us by emailing the MCA at . Thank you.

Iliad Translation Database

Language Translator Year Links
Afrikaans J.P.J. van Rensburg 1952
Chinese Luo Niansheng / Wilson Wong 1994
Croatian Tomislav Maretić 1881 Read Online
English Alexander Pope 1725

Richard Lattimore 1962 Read Online

Robert Fagles 1990 Listen Online
English (South Africa) Richard Whitaker 2012 Listen Online (Books 1 and 2)
Esperanto Abram Kofman 1895 Read Online
French Mario Meunier 1956

Paul Mazon 1967 (and later)
Hebrew Shaul Tchernichowsky 1930

Arieh Stav 2009

Abraham Arouetty 2012

Aharon Shabtai 2016
Hungarian Devecseri Gábor 1952 Read Online
Irish - Gaeilge John MacHale 1844 Read Online
Italian (Milanese) Walter Moneta / Claudio Brambilla 2021 Read Online (Select Sections)
Italian (Venetian) Giacomo Casanova 2005
Japanese Ttsusaburo Uchimura 1910 [Partial translation]

Bansui Doi 1940 Read Online
Maltese Victor Xuereb 1999 Listen Online
Niederdeutsch (Low Saxon) August Dühr 1895 Read Online (Book 1)
Norwegian (Bokmål) Peter Østbye 1930 Read Online

Kjell Arild Pollestad 2018
Norwegian (Nynorsk) Eirik Vandvik 1956
Portuguese Federico Lourenço 2005
Portuguese (Brasilian) Haroldo de Campos 2002

Manuel Odorico Mendes 2008

Carlos Albero Nunes 2011

Trajano Vieria 2018
Sardinian Antoninu Rubattu 2005


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