Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Open Access Journal: al-rāfidān: Journal of western Asiatic studies

[First posted in AWOL 10 November 2017, updates 12 October 2022]]

al-rāfidān: Journal of Western Asiatic Studies
ISSN: 0285-4406
RAFIDAN English cover

イラク古代文化研究所では1980年以降、研究所の紀要としてラーフィダーンal-Rafidan: Journal of Western Asiatic Studiesを年一回発行しています。

Research Institute Research Institute RAFIDAN al-Rafidan: Journal of Western Asiatic Studies is issued once a year as a bulletin after 1980 by Iraqi ancient culture.

To contribute to development of art and science, space is being opened to a contribution applicant outside the place widely, too. I don't ask about contribution qualification. Please see back of the book of each PDF file " "RAFIDAN" edit policy" for more information.

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