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Open Access Journal: TARII Newsletter

TARII Newsletter
The TARII Newsletter was printed and published from 2006–2014 and copies of each of these newsletters is available below. The format of the newsletter has now changed to a digital publication. If you are a member, you will automatically be enrolled to receive these updates in your inbox.

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  • TAARII Thanks Founder and President for His Service
  • President’s Report (P. Wien)
  • Executive Director’s Report (B. Kangas)
  • TAARII’s New Officers
  • 2014 U.S. Fellowship Recipients
  • Samuel Dolbee, “Locusts, Arsenic, and Old Ways: Environment and Technology in the Modern Middle East”
  • Liliana Carrizo, “Exiled Nostalgia”
  • Shamiran Mako & Denis J. Sullivan, “The State of Higher Education in Iraq: Lessons from Eight Iraqi Fulbright Scholars”
  • Abdulameer al-Hamdani, “Kingdom of Reeds: The Archaeological Heritage of Southern Iraqi Marshes”
  • Summary of New Research: “Moment Invariants-based Features Extraction for Classification of Syriac Alphabet Language” by Abdul Monem S. Rahma, Basima Z. Yacob, and Danny T. Baito
  • TAARII Receptions at ASOR and MESA Annual Meetings


  • TAARII Launches Blog to Promote Mesopotamian and Iraqi Studies
  • Katharyn Hanson, “TAARII Sponsors Session Honoring Dr. Behnam Nassir Abu al-Soof at the World Archaeology Congress in Jordan”
  • Nazar P. Shabila, “Exploring Iraqi Women’s Viewpoints and Experiences of Maternity Services using Q-Methodology”
  • Jean Evans, “Early Dynastic Sculpture as Object Biography: The Lives of Sumerian Sculpture”
  • Hilary Falb, “Iraqi Archival Sources in Israel”
  • Carrie Hritz, “Cities on the Margins: Using Satellite Remote Sensing to Investigate a Sumerian City-State”
  • Book Reviews: Achim Rohde, “Review Essay: Writing the History of Ba‘thist Iraq; Kevin Woods et al.’s The Saddam Tapes and Joseph Sassoon’s Saddam Hussein’s Ba‘th Party;” Anne Alexander, “Johan Franzen’s Red Star over Iraq”
  • David Hirsch, “UCLA Librarian Visits Iraq to Conduct Library Service Training”
  • TAARII and the Iraqi Cultural Center Hold Conference on Baghdad
  • TAARII at MESA in New Orleans
  • TAARII Awards Best Dissertations on Ancient and Medieval/Modern Iraq
  • Lorna Middlebrough, “Leveraging Scholarship Programs to Build Relationships in Iraq”
  • Jessica S. Johnson & Brian Michael Lione, “The Iraq Institute: Educating a New Generation of Heritage Professionals”
  • Book Review: Peter Wien, “Stacy E. Holden’s A Documentary History of Modern Iraq”
  • Amir Moosavi, “Literary Legacies of the Iran-Iraq War in Arabic and Persian Fiction”
  • Stefan Winter, “Conference Report: ‘Kurds and Kurdistan in [the] Ottoman Period’ at Salahaddin University, Erbi, 16-18 April 2013”
  • Falih Hasan Fezea, “Discalced Friars: Secular Perfume of Modernity – The Cultural Role of Carmelites in Modern Iraq”
  • TAARII Receptions: MESA & ASOR


  • Modern Art in Iraq (B. Kangas)
  • Niralee Shah, Iman Lipumba, Laura Villafranco, Aseel Abulhab, and Javier Mariscal, “Iraq’s Artistic Heritage: From Haifa Street to the Berkshire Mountains”
  • President’s Report (M. Gibson)
  • “Excavator of the Assyrian Queens’ Tombs Tours U.S.” (M. Gibson)
  • Lucine Taminian, “TAARII Presented at Oral History Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey”
  • Orit Baskin, “Gender and Citizenship in Modern Iraq”
  • Alda Benjamin, “Research at the Iraqi National Library and Archives”
  • A. Hadi Al Khalili, “A Great Man in a Great Land”
  • Abdulamir Hamdani, “Excavation at Tell Sakhariya in Dhiqar Province in Southern Iraq”
  • Jason Ur, “The Present and Future of Archaeology in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq”
  • TAARII and the Iraqi Cultural Center Co-host Events (B. Kangas)
  • Executive Director’s Report (B. Kangas)
  • TAARII-Sponsored Lecture (M. Gibson)
  • TAARII Helps Prepare Guide for Collecting Life Stories in Conflict Settings (B. Kangas)
  • In Memoriam: Dr. Behnam Nassir Abu al-Soof (M. Gibson)
  • Faris Nadhmi, “The Case of Iraqi Christians”
  • Book Reviews: Orit Baskin, “Noga Efrati’s Women in Iraq;” Joseph Sassoon, “Bassam Yousif’s Human Development in Iraq;” Magnus Berhardsson, “Ida Donges Staudt’s Living in Romantic Baghdad”
  • Jim Miller, “An Effort to Help Preserve Iraq’s Intellectual Capital”
  • Matt Saba, “The Architectural Ornament of Samarra Revisited”
  • Johann Bayer, “Resituating Islamists”
  • Benjamin Isakhan, “Recording Heritage Destruction in Iraq”


  • Archaeological Meeting in Philadelphia (M. Gibson)
  • In Memory of Dr. Donny George Youkhana
  • Joseph Sassoon, “The Ba’th Party and Political Education in Iraq”
  • Pedro Azara, “The Baghdad Civic Center Project (1960–1964)” (Unsoliticited)
  • Bridget L. Guarasci, “Iraq in Context: Environment, Technology, and Humanitarianism in the Post-2003 Field” (AAA meeting panel report)
  • Alda Benjamin, “Assyrians in Iraq’s Nineveh Plains: Grass-Root Organizations and Inter-Communal Conflict” (Unsolicited)
  • Dr. Mudhafar A. Amin, “Book Review: H. C. Von Sponeck’s A Different Kind of War: The U.N. Sanctions Regime in Iraq”
  • Dr. Mudhafar A. Amin, “Reflections on Invisible War” (Joy Gordon’s book)
  • President’s Report (M. Gibson)
  • Elizabeth C. Stone and Paul Zimansky, “A July Journey to the Environs of Ur”
  • Nada Shabout, “In Memoriam: Mohammed Ghani Hikmat”
  • Executive Director’s Report (B. Kangas)
  • Susan MacDougall, “Marriage as Migration: Iraqi-Jordanian Marriages and Amman’s Refugee Community”
  • Arbella Bet-Shlimon, “Provincial Histories of Twentieth-Century Iraq: Reflections on the Research Process”
  • Joshua Jeffers, “Tiglath-Pileser I: A King who Lit up the ‘Dark Age’ of the Late Second Millenium B.C.”
  • Iraq under the Sanctions: Economic, Political, Social, and Cultural Effects
  • Gabe Huck and Theresa Kubasak, “Iraqi Student Project: Progress Report”


  • Donny George, “The Iraqi Constitution of 2006 and the Iraqi Law of Antiquities: Are They Honored and Respected in Iraq Now?” (TAARII-sponsored MESA session)
  • McGuire Gibson, “Iraqi Archaeological Reports Project”
  • Mudhafar Amin, “The Effect of King Faisal’s Early Death on the Position of the Monarchy and the Political System”
  • Dina Rizk Khoury, “War and Its Soldiers”
  • Gabe Huck and Theresa Kubasak, “Iraqi Student Project”
  • Magnus T. Bernhardsson, “Uncovering the ‘Other’ Iraq” (Book review of Orit Bashkin’s The Other Iraq)
  • Peter Wien, “History of Iraq” (Book review of Adeed Dawisha’s Iraq)
  • TAARII Proposal Writing Workshop (S. Platz)
  • Benjamin Isakhan, “Destroying the Symbols of Baathist Iraq”
  • Philip Marfleet and Dawn Chatty, “Iraq’s Displaced — Beyond Tolerance”
  • Rochelle Davis and Omar Shakir, “Cultural Competence and Iraqi Perceptions of U.S. Troops in Iraq”
  • Kamala Russell and Atoor Lawandow, “Transcribing an Unwritten Language: Iraqi-Arabic”
  • Oral History Project: “The Relationship between Intermarriage and National Identity: Preliminary Reflections on TAARII’s Iraqi Oral History Project” (L. Taminian)
  • Executive Director’s Report (S. Platz)


  • Magnus T. Bernhardsson, “Rethinking the 1958 Revolution: TAARII Workshop at Williams College”
  • Abbas Kadhim, “The State of Iraqi Higher Education” (TAARII Panel at Rutgers)
  • Michaelle Browers, “Between Najaf and Jabal ‘Amil: A Portrait of Three Generations of Shi’i Intellectuals”
  • Ruth Berry, “Review: ‘The Defense of Inhumanity: Air Control and the Culture of British Intelligence-Gathering in Iraq’” (Review of Priya Satia’s talk at the University of Chicago)
  • Orit Bashkin, “Agents, Britons, Iraq, and Arabia, Review: Priya Satia, Spies in Arabia (2008)”
  • McGuire Gibson, “TAARII Library Growing”
  • Mina Marefat, “Baghdad Architecture, 1920–1950” (Review of Caecillia Pieri’s book)
  • Daniel Martin Varisco, “The Making of Modern Iraq” (TAARII-sponsored workshop at HOFSTRA University)
  • Joseph Sassoon, “The Implications of the Displacement of Iraq’s Population after the 2003 Invasion”
  • Eric Davis, Andrew Spath, Brian Humphreys, and Maroun Soueid, “Simulating the Iraqi Parliament: Benefits of a Non-traditional Approach to Teaching Iraqi Political Development”
  • Peter Wien, “Workshop on ‘Memories of Iraq’”
  • Executive Director’s Report (S. Platz)


  • Carrie Hritz, “Remote Sensing of Cultural Heritage in Iraq: A Case Study of Isin”
  • James Armstrong, “The Babylonian Ceramic Tradition: The Second Millenium B.C.”
  • Eric Davis, “Reflections on Religion and Politics in Post-Ba’thist Iraq”
  • Jeff Spurr, “Dr. Saad Eskander Visits North America, November 2007”
  • Rasha Salti, “The Independent Film and Television College in Baghdad”
  • Dina Khoury, “Writing the Oral History of Modern Iraq”
  • Enemy Kitchen Recipe: Kubba Bamia
  • Update: U.S.-Iraqi Collaborative Archaeological Project
  • Executive Director’s Report (S. Platz)
  • Resident Director’s Report (L. Taminian)
  • Denise Natali, “Differentiated Regional Development in Iraq”
  • Mina Marefat, “From Bauhaus to Baghdad”
  • Adeed Dawisha, “The Rigidity of the Political Structure as an Explanation for the Fall of Iraq’s Monarchy”
  • Kathryn Hanson, “Catastrophe! The Looting and Destruction of Iraq’s Past”
  • Lucine Taminian, “Social Sciences in Iraq”
  • Executive Director’s Report (S. Platz)


  • Sinan Antoon, “On Underexposure by ‘Uday Rashid”
  • Eric Davis, “The Formation of Political Identities in Ethnically Divided Societies: Implications for a Democratic Transition in Iraq”
  • Maysa H. Jaber, “Obituary: Dr. Alharith Abdulhameed Hassan”
  • Bridget Guarasci, “Reflections of Democracy: Humanitarianism, Statecraft, and the Iraqi Marshes”
  • Mina Marefat & Caecilia Pieri, “Remembering 1950s Baghdad”
  • Dr. Alharith (summary of his report), “The Prevalence of Drug Abuse in Baghdad City”
  • Taminian, Lucine, “The Psychological, Educational, and Social Impact of Violence and Terrorist Acts on Children in Iraq: A Review of Recent Work by Iraqi Researchers”
  • Executive Director’s Report (S. Platz)
  • President’s Report (M. Gibson)
  • Mina Marefat, “1950s Baghdad — Modern and International”
  • Haytham Bahoora, “Cultivating the Nation-Space: Modernism and Nation Building in Iraq, 1950–1963”
  • Sara Pursley, “(Re)-forming Intimacy in Revolutionary Iraq: A Social History of the Personal Status Law of 1959”
  • TAARII’s Oral History Project (L. Taminian)
  • Executive Director’s Report (S. Platz)
  • President’s Report (M. Gibson)


  • President’s Report (M. Gibson)
  • Executive Director’s Report (S. Platz)
  • Resident Director’s Report (H. Fattah)
  • Nada Shabout, “Recovering Iraq’s Modern Heritage: Constructing and Digitally Documenting the Collection of the Former Saddam Center for the Arts”
  • Dr. Ismail Jalili, “Iraqi Academics and Doctors: Innocent Victims of a Wider Geographical Struggle”
  • Mark Tessler, “Continuity and Change in Iraqi Political Attitudes”
  • Executive Director’s Report (S. Platz)

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