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Early Readers, Scholars and Editors of the New Testament edited by H.A.G. Houghton
Easy Readers, Scholars and Editors of the New Testament
A collection of ten original papers on the New Testament text, first presented in 2013, which reflect the diversity of current research. Examples of ancient engagement with the Bible include Origen, Eusebius of Caesarea and Augustine along with early translations.
Salvation in Christ According to Jacob of Serugh by Thomas Kollamparampil
Salvation in Christ According to Jacob of Serugh
Jacob of Serugh’s vision of ‘Salvation in Christ’, in its exegetical, theological, catechetical, liturgical and pastoral aspects, is reviewed in this monograph. Jacob’s mode of symbolic-mystical-silence approach to the mystery of Christ is explained. This treatise gathers up Jacob’s typological and symbolic thought-patterns, in his own language, categories, terminologies, and imageries.
"Some Lexical and Legal Notes on a Syriac Loan Transfer of 240 CE," by John Healey, in Malphono w-Rabo d-Malphone
Download This article, drawn from Malphono w-Rabo d-Malphone, analyzes a Syriac legal document from the Upper Euphrates. Along with his analysis, Healey provides a translation and transliteration of the document.
The Coming of the Comforter: When, Where, and to Whom? edited by  Carlos A. Segovia and Basil Lourié
John Wansbrough is famous for his pioneering studies on the “sectarian milieu” out of which Islam emerged. In his view, Islam grew out of different - albeit rather marginal - Jewish and Christian traditions. In the present volume, which is dedicated to Wansbrough’s memory, specialists in Islamic studies and students of the Jewish and early Christian traditions summarise Wansbrough’s achievements in the past thirty years and chart the future of the tradition study of the “sectarian milieu.”
 Commentaries, Catenae and Biblical Tradition edited by H.A.G. Houghton
Commentaries, Catenae and Biblical Tradition
This collection of original research papers examines early commentaries on the New Testament and the transmission of the biblical text. Focussing principally on Greek and Latin tradition, it provides new insights into the sources and manuscripts of commentators and catenae. 
Dischronology and Dialogic in the Bible’s Primary Narrative by David A. Bergen

Dischronology and Dialogic in the Bible's Primary Narrative
This ground-breaking study offers a reassessment of Moses' book of the law from a narrative theory perspective. Concerned for the long-term viability of his people, Moses legislates a public reading of his document which is deposited next to the ark of the covenant as a national testament. Through the mechanics of narrative mediation, the narrator reveals to the reader of Deuteronomy the contents of Moses' enshrined publication. Deuteronomy's simulcast of Moses' book invites external readers to compare and evaluate their readings with story-world readers who access the same text within the Bible's Primary Narrative. 
The Historiography of Music in Global Perspective edited by Sam Mirelman

This volume examines the perception of music’s past, in all its historical, geographical and cultural breadth. The wide-ranging collection of papers address the interpretation of past music cultures from the earliest records of antiquity until the present. 
 Recent Developments in Midrash Research edited by Lieve Teugels and Rivka Ulmer
Recent Developments in Midrash Research
This work consists of a selection of papers from sessions during the first two years of SBL Consultation on Midrash. It demonstrates innovative approaches to midrashic texts and hermeneutic reflections on similarities and differences between interpretations of the Bible.
The Syriac Dot by George Anton Kiraz  The Syriac Dot

The dot is used for everything in Syriac from tense to gender, number, and pronunciation, and unsurprisingly represents one of the biggest obstacles to learning the language. Using inscriptions, early grammars, and experiments with modern scribes, Dr. Kiraz peels back the evolution of the dot layer by layer to explain each of its uses in detail and to show how it adopted the wide range of uses it has today. 

The Patriarchs of the Church of the East by Daniel D. Benjamin,Translated by Youel Baaba The Patriarchs of the Church of the East
A comparative chronology of the Patriarchs of the Church of the East based on twenty-two sources, five of which are previously unpublished. Benjamin reveals a great number of differences between the sources and concludes that the present Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East was named Dinkha IV instead of Dinkha III. Benjamin also highlights inconsistencies, omissions, errors and dates of succession of some patriarchs that appear to have been based on assumption. The current volume, with carefully arranged tabular lists and comments, is essential to further research on the chronology of the Patriarchs of the Church of the East. The book is written in three languages: English, Syriac and Arabic.
Codex Zacynthius: Catena, Palimpsest, Lectionary Edited by H. A. G. Houghton & D. C. Parker Codex Zacynthius: Catena, Palimpsest, Lectionary
This book consists of a series of studies of Codex Zacynthius (Cambridge, University Library MS Add. 10062), the earliest surviving New Testament commentary manuscript in catena format. A research project funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council has produced new multispectral images of the palimpsest undertext in order to enable a thorough investigation of the manuscript and the creation of a complete electronic edition. This volume, co-authored by the members of the project, will provide a full account of the research undertaken by the project. Many advances have resulted from this research, which will be presented here for the first time in print.
The Palimpsest Catena of Codex Zacynthius 
By H. A. G. HoughtonPanagiotis Manafis & Amy Myshrall
The Palimpsest Catena of Codex Zacynthius
This book is the first-ever edition of the complete palimpsest undertext of Codex Zacynthius (Cambridge, University Library MS Add. 10062), the earliest surviving New Testament commentary manuscript in catena format. It relies on new multispectral images produced by a research project funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council in 2018.

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