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The Ancaster Mallowan Collection

[First posted in AWOL 1 April 2013, updated 19 September 2020]

The Ancaster Mallowan Collection

'Agatha Christie delivers another mystery beyond the grave' proclaimed The Telegraph in February 2010, when it transpired that an auction of some of the contents of Greenway House, in Churston Ferrers, Devon (Agatha's holiday home), had contained more than the auctioneers realised. They had unwittingly sold a locked trunk that was later revealed to contain Agatha's family jewellery.
At another Agatha Christie related auction, this time held by Cheffin's of Cambridge in 2009, other boxes of 'treasure' were sold. These boxes did not contain 'treasure' of the sparkly kind; but evidence of Sir Max Mallowan's (Agatha Christie's second husband) career as a prominent archaeologist. This website brings together some of this evidence, so that it can be enjoyed by a wider audience.
It was originally thought that the boxes were sold at the Greenway House sale, but information has subsequently come to light that revealed the collection was sold as part of a sale of items from 22 Cresswell Place, Kensington, London; where Sir Max Mallowan lived with Agatha Christie and subsequently his second wife Barbara Hastings-Parker.

Notebook 1: Tell Arbid, Khabur River Basin, Syria, 1936. 
Notebook 2: Chagar Bazar, Khabur River Basin, Syria, 1937. 
Notebook 3: Crak (a mound to the east of Tell Brak) and Tell Brak, Upper Khabur Plain, Syria, 1937. 
Notebook 4: Tell Brak, Upper Khabur Plain, Syria,1938. 
Notebook 5: Tell Brak, Upper Khabur Plain, Syria, 1938. 
Notebook 6: Tell Sahlan, Tell Aswad and Tell Hammam, Balikh River Valley, Syria, 1938. 
Notebook 7: Tell Jidle, Tell Sahlan and Tell Hammam, Balikh River Valley, Syria, 1938. 
Notebook 8: Tell Jidle, Tell Aswad, Tell Sahlan and Tell Hammam, Balikh River Valley, Syria 1938. 
Notebook 9: Tell Brak and Chagar Bazar, Khabur Region, Syria, Notes and Queries for Proofs. 
The History Behind the Notebooks.

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