Sunday, September 6, 2020

Open Access Journal: Minerva: Journal of Classical Translation

Minerva: Journal of Classical Translation
We are MINERVA, a student-run journal focusing on Classical translation. We promote creativity through translation both into and out of ancient languages. We seek to revive and reinvigorate languages that some would wrongly call 'dead' and to exhibit the extent to which Classical literature informs the world we live in. The art of translation requires a nuanced understanding of relevant texts and contexts alike:

What would Obama's Res Gestae look like?

How would Caesar narrate the Iraq War?

How viciously would Aristophanes ridicule Donald Trump?

Could Catullus' poems take the form of a lovelorn teenage journal?

We value an interesting and original approach above all; yet an approach that communicates the essence and narrative voice of a text. We welcome submissions from Trinity students, staff, and alumni, as well as from friends and enthusiasts. If you have any questions please email


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