Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Coptic Scriptorium Winter 2020 Corpora Release 3.1.0

Coptic Scriptorium Winter 2020 Corpora Release 3.1.0
It is our pleasure to announce a new data release, with a variety of new sources from our collaborators (including more digitized data courtesy of the Marcion and PAThs projects and other scholars). New in this release are:
All documents have metadata for word segmentation, tagging, and parsing to indicate whether those annotations are machine annotations only (automatic), checked for accuracy by an expert in Coptic (checked), or closely reviewed for accuracy, usually as a result of manual parsing (gold).
You can search all corpora using ANNIS and download the data in 4 formats (relANNIS database files, PAULA XML files, TEI XML files, and SGML files in Tree-tagger format): browse on GitHub. If you just want to read works, cite project data or browse metadata, you can use our updated repository browser, the Canonical Text Services browser and URN resolver:

The new material in this release includes some 78,000 tokens in 33 documents and represents a tremendous amount of work by our project members and collaborators. We would like to thank the individual contributors (which you can find in the ‘annotation’ metadata), the Marcion and PAThs projects who shared their data with us, and the National Endowment for the Humanities for supporting us. We are continuing to work on more data, links to other resources and new kinds of annotations and tools, which we plan to make available in the summer. Please let us know if you have any feedback

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