Monday, January 6, 2020

AWOL Anniversary

Happy New Year and happy eleventh birthday to AWOL, which launched 6 January 2009.  During those eleven years I have written and edited 7224 entries.

AWOL passed the nine million page views threshold this past August (with 9,126,777 page views recorded  as of today, to be exact), and now has more than 8100 subscribers by email.  I'm gratified that such a large number of you find AWOL interesting enough to voluntarily add another piece of email to your busy queues each day.

You may follow AWOL directly via News Feed (user count not easy to discover), via Feedburner (these are the ca. 8118 email subscribers), on Facebook (ca. 1700 likes),  or on Twitter @AWOL_tweets (2114 followers).

AWOL' s Alphabetical list of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies currently includes 1838 titles.   I continuously edit and revise the list as URLs change, titles go offline, and so on.
Since May 2010, Blogger has been keeping detailed statistics on usage of files hosted there. In that period the ten most frequently viewed AWOL pages have been:
 AWOL began under the auspices of the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, NYU. I invite you to make use of the full suite of Online Resources from ISAW currently available from ISAW and its collaborators under the terms of open licenses

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