Saturday, January 4, 2020

The Ancient World in JSTOR

This is the full list of journals in JSTOR with substantial focus on the Ancient World.

[Originally posted 6/24/09. Most recently updated 4 Jasnuary 2020]

JSTOR is not open access, but many will have access to it through institutional licenses.  JSTOR also offers a free limited-reading option, Register & Read, for those without institutional access, and has lanched JPASS - a monthly or annual pass that provides access to 1,500 journals from JSTOR's archive collection. For open access journals dealing with antiquity, See AWOL's full List of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies.

The African Access Initiative eliminates archival journal fees on JSTOR across all of Africa. All not-for-profit institutions in Africa are eligible to participate, including colleges, universities, secondary schools, government and non-profit organizations, and museums.

Eligible institutions receive unlimited free access to all archival journal content on JSTOR. This includes more than twenty archival journal collections, as well as JSTOR’s four primary source collections.

And see also Open Access Early Journal Content In JSTOR

277 titles


  1. Add to that Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Section C:

  2. It's worth noting that these journals will only be available to users who have purchased all, or at least most, of the JSTOR Arts and Science collections. Not all libraries with JSTOR will have access to all the journals.

  3. Yes, Anonymous, that is correct. This is a list of all journals I have identified in JSTOR relating to antiquity. Those who do not have access to one or more of them, and need it, should contact their local library and make a request.