Monday, January 27, 2020

Attic Inscriptions Online Update

Attic Inscriptions Online Update:
27 January 2020: Today we publish AIUK 4.2 (British Museum, Decrees of the Council and Assembly), with corresponding briefer editions on the main site. These include, from the 5th century BC, Decrees about the Eleusinian Mysteries, about Erythrai, about Hestiaia, about a treaty with Rhegion, about the tribute, about building a temple; from the 4th century BC, Honours for Euagoras of Salamis, 394/3 BC, for a man from Argos, for a seer (?), with relief, for Asandros of Macedon, 314/3 BC; and from Hellenistic and Roman Athens, Honours for Spartokos III of the Bosporan kingdom, 285/ 4 BC, Honours, 259/8 BC, Decree, 255/4 BC, Decrees honouring the prytany of Ptolemais, 192/1 BC, honouring ephebes, 40/39 or 39/8 BC, on the conveyance of sacred objects for the Eleusinian Mysteries. We also publish editions on the AIO main site, with Greek texts, of the 5th-cent. decree awarding citizenship to Euagoras of Salamis; and of four decrees of tribes etc. relating to the ephebate in the years after 334/3 BC, AIO 1968, 1969, 1976, 1977, together with light revisions to RO 89 (notes) and to the ephebic dedications of the same period, IG II3 4, 329-352. We have continued adding Greek texts where an up-to-date Greek text is not available elsewhere in open access, completing coverage of entries first published on AIO in 2013 and 2014, also lightly revising the translations and notes. We also publish today the second edition of our Short Guide to Materials on AIO.

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