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Excavations at Thebes: The Earl of Carnarvon and the Metropolitan Museum of Art at Carnarvon 62 and Surrounds

First posted on AWOL 20 November 2019. Corrected PC version on the OI site, together with its working Mac version updated 25 April 2010]

Excavations at Thebes: The Earl of Carnarvon and the Metropolitan Museum of Art at Carnarvon 62 and Surrounds
Christine Lilyquist, et al.
This interactive digital application is a final report for excavations undertaken by the Earl of Carnarvon and The Metropolitan Museum of Art at Thebes, 1911–1916. Excavating below Ptolemaic, Late Period, Ramesside, and Hatshepsut’s valley temple remains  revealed a large Middle Kingdom court tomb, the focus of this report. According to finds and conditions, the tomb, Carnarvon 62, was cut ca. 2000 B.C. and used into Dynasty 13. Following a period of abandonment, it was then heavily reused from the late Second Intermediate Period into the joint reign of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III, whereupon the site was sealed, ca 1470 B.C. Much of the material from the period of reuse was intact, and is of interest to scholars working in the Dynasty 17-early Dynasty 18 period, a formative period at Thebes. Both early and late architecture and finds introduce new philological and archaeological information. Specialists contribute essays and catalogues in their areas of expertise.
The digital format was chosen in order to provide modern descriptions, analyses, and images with archives for consultation. This format allows searchability, numerous photographs and plans, zoom capability, and the possibility of tying together material from two different concessions. Navigation of the app needs focus, however (note “Contents & Navigation Instructions”); it was built as a series of interrelated databases over many years and there is little HTML. However major texts and charts appear as PDFs for printing; there are numerous Harry Burton photographs and a great deal of other archival material; and there is also information about early exploration in Egypt. Content will not be updated; further formats are uncertain.
Please read the INSTRUCTIONS prior to downloading to ensure proper functioning of the application files. The .zip files available for download are approximately 3gb in size and will take several minutes for download to complete.

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