Friday, December 20, 2019

Numismatics News: 1200 Hellenistic monograms posted to PELLA, and OCRE updates

1200 Hellenistic monograms posted to PELLA, and OCRE updates
As part of the larger NEH-funded Hellenistic Royal Coinages project, we have published over 1200 monograms (and open access SVGs) to PELLA through a new spreadsheet import mechanism in Numishare that is very much like the one we use for IDs in Nomisma. I have also updated the monograms for RIC 10 that had been published to OCRE already.

The data model follows recent agreements for crm:P106_is_composed_of for constituent letters and crm:P165i_is_incorporated_in for 1 or more digital images, as also recommended by the CIDOC CRM sig. Non-monograms are E37_Mark.

We haven't connected PELLA monograms to Price Alexander coin types yet, but that will be coming pretty soon. You can, however, take a look at what's possible in OCRE (, with a monogram displaying a map of related mints and a list of coin types.

The /symbols interface has a very simple system of selecting constituent letters, e.g.,

I plan to build something more sophisticated in that utilizes SPARQL of monograms aggregated from disparate datasets which will also allow more complex queries based on mint, authority, etc. based on connections between monograms and coin types (including geographic visualization).
This is the first step of facilitating some major research questions in Greek numismatics.

Merry Christmas!

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