Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Acropolis of Athens Virtual Tour

[First posted in AWOL 1 November 2012, updated 29 December 2019]

The Acropolis of Athens Virtual Tour
The Virtual Tour of the Acropolis monuments is a web application that allows the exploration of the archaeological site in an interactive way.

The application is rendered in HTML5 and can be accessed platform independently through most modern desktop and mobile browsers. For best performance use the latest versions of firefox or chrome on windows and linux, safari on macos and ios, chrome on android.

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  1. The application has been upgraded earlier this year using HTML5 technologies to allow the effective display of panoramic and photographic images in both desktop and mobile browsers.

    The upgraded app includes new high res images, while the textual content has also been edited providing more information on the history and architecture of the Acropolis monuments, as well as on the restoration works.

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