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Open Access Journal: CAARI News: Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute

[First posted in AWOL 20 November 2010. Updated  7 December 20919]

CAARI News: Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute
ISSN 0890-4545
The CAARI News is issued in electronic form three to five times a year.  See below for the most recent newsletters.
Previously CAARI News was issued in print form in the Spring and Fall covering activities at CAARI, as well as events around the world relevant to Cypriot archaeology and related history and art. Browse the back issues of the newsletter here.

October 2019
It’s time to apply for CAARI Fellowships! Read about recent lectures at CAARI.  Dr. Daniel Coslett describes his work on “Re-presentations of Antiquity in Colonial and
Postcolonial Nicosia”. See CAARI’s recent additions to the library of material published in the Cyprus Jewish Internment Camps between 1946 and 1949.

July 2019
Read about recent the conference in honour of A. Bernard Knapp and about the 38th Annual CAARI Archaeological Workshop.
Dr. Anna Spyrou, the Edgar J. Peltenburg Fellow, describes her research into the human-cattle relationship in Cypriot Prehistory. Learn about surprising holdings in CAARI’s Archives.

May 2019
Read about our new US headquarters and then learn about our 2019-2020 Fellows including three graduate student fellows, two CAARI/CAORC postdoctoral fellows, the Senior Scholar in residence and our first Edgar Peltenburg postdoctoral scholar. Finally read Catherine Deans-Barrett’s recollections about CAARI over her 18 years working on the island.

Newsletter March 2019
March 2019
Read about a CAARI’s new state-of-the-art Leica microscopes in our thin-section lab made possible by a generous gift from Mrs. Leslys Vedder in memory of her hustand, Dr. James F. Vedder. And Dr. Annemarie Weyl Carr provides a unique look at “Hell in the Sweet Land”, an examination of Asinou’s Last Judgment.

Νewsletter December 2018
December 2018
Learn about research at CAARI with reports from Dr. Hanan Charaf (CAARI Senior Scholar in Residence) on Cypriot Bronze Age pottery found in Lebanon and from Dr. Henry Shaprio (CAARI/CAORC Fellow) on Armenian Pilgrims in Ottoman Cyprus.
And Dr. Ann-Marie Knoblauch provides an in depth look at how 1870s New York reacted to Luigi Palma di Cesnola and his collection of Cypriot Antiquities.

Newsletter October 2018
October 2018
Read about research at CAARI with reports from Sarah Douglas (Danielle Parks Memorial Fellowship) on Gender and Status on Prehistoric Cyprus: Rethinking Bronze Age Burial Data (c. 2500-1340 BC),
Kellie Youngs (Anita Cecil O’Donovan Fellowship) on The Transmission and Innovation of Faience and Glass Technologies of Cyprus in the Late Bronze Age, Ian Randall (Helena Wylde Swiny and Stuart Swiny Fellowship) on Dining and Connectivity at times of Crisis on the South Coast of Cyprus and Dr. Laura Swantek (CAARI/CAORC Fellow) on Social Complexity on Cyprus before and after Urbanism.

July 2018
Read about CAARI’s 40th Birthday Bash. Learn about the new Edgar J. Peltenburg Postdoc Research Fellowship. And get educated about the history of Proto-Aeolic column capitals.

May 2018
Catch up on news from our director.  Find out about our new Fellows.  Read about Craig Harvey and William Caraher’s recent research. And catch up on CAARI’s 40th Birthday preparations.

March 2018
Catch up on news from our director.  Read about students from Lycoming College pioneering a new program at CAARI.  See a recent gift to CAARI – Cobham’s own copy of Excerpta Cypria. Learn how to give books or conservation to CAARI.  And catch up on CAARI’s 40th Birthday preparations.

December 2017
Catch up on news from our director.  See a new painting by Glynnis Fawkes that now graces CAARI.  Read about a new CAORC grant awarded to Cyprus.  And catch up on CAARI’s 40th Birthday preparations.

October 2017
Catch up on news from from our 2017 Fellows.  Read about two new books by Professor Birgitta Lindros Wohl. And catch up on CAARI’s 40th Birthday preparations.

August 2017
Catch up on news from CAARI’s 36th Summer Archaeology Workshop and conference “Melusine of Cyprus” honoring CAARI Trustee Annemarie Weyl Carr. Read about CAARI’s new garden in action, Prof. Charles Stewart’s Research at CAARI, and our appreciation of Dr. Andrew McCarthy’s six years as CAARI director. And learn about Digital Cobham, CAARI’s new research tool.

June 2017
Meet the 2017-2018 CAARI Fellowship recipients. Keep up with news about preparations for CAARI’s 40th Birthday in 2018. Read Ann-Marie Knoblauch’s notes about casts made from Cesnola’s Cypriot sculptures.

March 2017
Meet Lindy Crewe, CAARI’s new director who will take over the reins at CAARI at the end of June, 2017. Read about the CAARI Symposium Environment, landscape and society: diachronic perspectives on settlement patterns in Cyprus held in February 2017. Keep up with news about CAARI’s 40th Birthday in 2018.

January 2017 
Learn about CAARI’s new Petrographic Thin-Section Laboratory. Meet Dr. China Shelton, CAARI’s Boston administrator.
Catch up on a new pioneering publication by CAARI scholars: Mobilizing the Past for a Digital Future: The Potential of Digital Archaeology (co-edited by Erin W. Averett, Jody M. Gordon, and Derek B. Counts)  published in October 2016. And a new scarce periodical has been added to the CAARI library: a complete run of “Al HaSaf” (On the Verge) a weekly magazine published by students and graduates of the Pinhas Rutenberg JDC Seminary for Guides in Cyprus between 1948 and 1949 in the Cyprus internment camps run by the British government to hold Jews who had immigrated or attempted to immigrate to Palestine after World War II.

October 2016
Read summary reports from our 2016 fellows. Learn about CAARI’s commitment to the renewal of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the United States. And meet Bryan Wilkins, CAARI’s new president.

July 2016
Read about the inauguration of our new library wing in June 2016 and about the summer Archaeology Workshop in July 2016. Learn about a new book by CAARI Alumna Gloria London:  Ancient Cookware from the Levant.  An Ethnoarchaeological Perspective. And read about how an unexpected benefaction has helped rebuild CAARI’s garden.

May 2016
Read about the 2016 CAARI Fellows and we provide an update on the near completion of our library expansion.

February 2016
An invitation to the inauguration events for our new library wing and an update on its construction.

November 2015
Read the lastest update about the library expansion construction.

July 2015
Read about the new garden over the library expansion.

March 2015
Read about the 2015 CAARI Fellows, snow in Nicosia and excavating for the new library expansion.

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