Friday, August 2, 2019

Sunoikisis Digital Cultural Heritage programme, Fall 2019

Sunoikisis Digital Cultural Heritage programme, Fall 2019

Convened by Valeria Vitale & Gabriel Bodard (Institute of Classical Studies)

All common sessions may be followed on the SunoikisisDC YouTube channel: Thursdays 16:00-17:15 UK time *
(* Except Oct 10, time TBA)
  1. Thurs Oct 3: Digital Images and Photography (Rossitza Atanassova, Eugenio Falcioni)
  2. *Thurs Oct 10: 3D Imaging and Photogrammetry (Gabriel Bodard, Emma Payne, Valeria Vitale)
  3. Thurs Oct 17: Decolonization of Cultural Heritage (Usama Gad, Zena Kamash, Patricia Murietta Flores)
  4. Thurs Oct 24: 3D Modelling for Cultural Heritage (Martina Polig, Valeria Vitale)
  5. Thurs Oct 31: Digital Gazetteers (Johan Åhlfeldt, Tom Elliott, Valeria Vitale)
  6. Thurs Nov 7: Linked Open Data (Gabriel Bodard, Paula Granados García, Matteo Romanello)
  7. Thurs Nov 14: Legal and Ethical Considerations (Gabriel Bodard, Richard Nevell, Andrea Wallace)
  8. Thurs Nov 21: GIS and Geovisualization (Chiara Palladino, Rebecca Seifried)
  9. Thurs Nov 28: Crowdsourcing Cultural Heritage (John Pearce, Mia Ridge)

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