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Eumaios: a collaborative website for Early Greek epic

Eumaios: a collaborative website for Early Greek epic

Martin Mueller

The following is a proof-of-concept version of of a project designed to extend the Chicago Homer . The information in it is accessible directly as well as from within the Chicago Homer . Eventually, the two projects may merge in a single user interface. In its current form Eumaios may be described as an embryonic digital variorum. The title of the Festschrift for Karl Reinhardt, Varia Variorum would not be a bad motto for it.

At the moment, Eumaios contains the following elements (access the information by clicking on the appropriate link in the top left window):
  1. Information that is tied to specific lines of text, in particular:
    1. Papyrus readings for the Iliad and Odyssey, gathered from Dana Sutton's list, now maintained by the Center for Hellenic Studies, but displayed differently here
    2. Scholia from Hartmut Erbse's edition of the Scholia
    3. Correspondences between the Iliad and the Aeneid, based on the lists in Georg N. Knauer's Die Aeneis und Homer. Studien zur poetischen Technik Vergils mit Listen der Homerzitate in der Aeneis (Göttingen, 1964)
    4. Bibliographical items gathered from volumes 35-63 (1964-92) of L'Année Philologique
  2. Bibliographical information about lemmata, wordforms, and repeated phrases gathered from volumes 35-63 (1964-92) of L'Année Philologique
  3. A report by Martin Mueller About Homeric repetitions: facts, figures, and hypotheses as well as notes on some 300 interdependent repetitions in the first and last books of the Iliad .
The list of correspondences between the Iliad and Aeneid is also accessible from particular lines of the Aeneid.
Iliad Citations
Odyssey Citations
Theogony Citations
Works and Days Citations
Shield of Herakles Citations
Homeric Hymns Citations
Repetitions by location

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