Thursday, August 8, 2019

Digital Classical Philology: Ancient Greek and Latin in the Digital Revolution

Digital Classical Philology: Ancient Greek and Latin in the Digital Revolution
Ed. by Berti, Monica

Open Access

Aims and Scope

Thanks to the digital revolution, even a traditional discipline like philology has been enjoying a renaissance within academia and beyond. Decades of work have been producing groundbreaking results, raising new research questions and creating innovative educational resources. This book describes the rapidly developing state of the art of digital philology with a focus on Ancient Greek and Latin, the classical languages of Western culture. Contributions cover a wide range of topics about the accessibility and analysis of Greek and Latin sources. The discussion is organized in five sections concerning open data of Greek and Latin texts; catalogs and citations of authors and works; data entry, collection and analysis for classical philology; critical editions and annotations of sources; and finally linguistic annotations and lexical databases. As a whole, the volume provides a comprehensive outline of an emergent research field for a new generation of scholars and students, explaining what is reachable and analyzable that was not before in terms of technology and accessibility.


xiii, 349 pages


ISBN 978-3-11-059957-2

Open Data of Greek and Latin Sources

Cataloging and Citing Greek and Latin Authors and Works

Data Entry, Collection, and Analysis for Classical Philology

Critical Editing and Annotating Greek and Latin Sources

Linguistic Annotation and Lexical Databases for Greek and Latin

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