Monday, July 8, 2019

Open Access Journal: Cuneiform Commentaries Project Newsletter

Cuneiform Commentaries Project Newsletter
The origins of the Cuneiform Commentaries Project (CCP) go back to E. Frahm’s 2011 study on Mesopotamian commentaries. Even though it included numerous quotations of individual commentary entries, Frahm’s study was not aimed at publishing in full large numbers of commentaries. Its goal was rather to provide a comprehensive catalog of every known commentary tablet. The book made it abundantly clear that there was a need for a comprehensive edition of all known commentary tablets: of the 878 known tablets and fragments, only 396 were edited, and still only a handful of those in modern, reliable editions. In contrast 482 commentary tablets (55% of the total) remain either unedited or entirely unpublished. Frahm’s monograph thus constitutes the basis for the ultimate goal of editing all the commentaries, including those that have never been properly studied before.

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