Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Open Access Journal: Boletín de Arqueología Experimental

Boletín de Arqueología Experimental
e-ISSN: 2530-3554
ISSN print version: 1138-9354
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The Bulletin of Experimental Archeology is a magazine born in 1997, with an annual periodicity. It is the result of the scientific activities and dissemination of knowledge that the Experimental Archeology Laboratory LAEX, under the Department of Prehistory and Archeology of the Autonomous University of Madrid, promotes and produces.

It is a journal of scientific and informative orientation related to the development of experimental works in the field of Archeology and History open to all kinds of works that fall into this subjects. Among others, its objectives pretend to extent part of the scientific and teaching activity of this discipline directed preferably to scientific and academic world. The Bulletin of Experimental Archeology does not require authors to make any payment for publishing their articles in it.

The Journal provides open access to the content it publishes. This policy is based on the principle of free consultation in order to favor research and teaching. Therefore, no subscription is necessary to access its content.



Núm. 12 (2017)


No 1 (1997)

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