Tuesday, July 9, 2019


The 486 proto-Elamite tablets from Susa published in MDP 26 and housed in the National Museum of Iran (NMI), Tehran, have been imaged, processed and uploaded to web <https://tinyurl.com/yy77tf42>. This  milestone brings to completion the online posting of a near complete set of published proto-Elamite tablets from both the Louvre Museum, Paris, and the National Museum of Iran, Tehran.

A majority of the tablets were imaged by M. Parsa Daneshmand (University of Oxford), with the assistance of S. Piran (National Museum of Iran, Tehran) and Sepideh Yeganeh (University of Tehran). In the first instance we upload the flatbed images, while we are processing our additional digital photos. This work is part of the on-going collaboration between the CDLI and the NMI
<https://cdli.ucla.edu/?q=news/national-museum-iran-cuneiform-collection-joins-cdli>. A more comprehensive overview of our joint efforts with colleagues in Iran to digitise cuneiform collections there will be sent out separately.

Images of c. 650 cylinder seals in the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) have been posted to web <https://tinyurl.com/y6rua6g2>.
Most of the plates contain an image of the side of the seal and top of bottom as well as a digital unwrapping, a mirrored and enhanced unwrapping, an image of a roll-out if available, and various
microscopic detail images. Additional web-resources for the study of seals are currently being developed by members of the CDLI. A specific website has recently been launched <http://sespoa.huma-num.fr>. Our work in the BnF has been funded by the French research cluster LabEx “The Pasts in the Present”, and the University of Oxford.

The transliterations of large numbers of texts have been added and corrected by collaborators of the CDLI. Our current log of updates lists more than 5500 updates since September 2018. We are particularly thankful for the contributions of Richard Firth, Cale Johnson, Dan Foxvog, Bram Jagersma,  Els Woestenburg, William McGrath, Bob Englund, Tohru Osaka, Alba de Ridder, Émilie Pagé-Perron, Martijn Kokken, Bertrand Lafont, Jacob L Dahl, and Jinyan Wang. Others have contributed substantial edits to the catalog.

Veronica Hughey, CDLI student assistant at UCLA, has prepared images of the following texts for the CDLI: SANTAG 9 (214 texts); BIN 10 (329 texts); BiMes 17 (45 texts); BiMes 19 (22  texts); JSSSS 2 (119 texts); WAS I & II (253 & 443 seals).

Five new additions have been made to the CDLI Preprints (CDLP).

CDLP <https://cdli.ucla.edu/?q=cuneiform-digital-library-preprints>

  • 13.0  P.J. Huber. "Early Linguists."
  • 14.0  J.L. Dahl, H. Hameeuew, K. Wagensonner. "Looking both forward and back: imaging cuneiform.”
  • 15.0 J. Peterson. "The Literary Sumerian of Old Babylonian Ur: UET 6/1-3 in Transliteration and Translation with Select Commentary Part 1/3."
  • 16.0 J. Peterson. "The Literary Sumerian of Old Babylonian Ur: UET 6/1-3 in Transliteration and Translation with Select Commentary Part 2/3."
  • 17.0 J. Peterson. "The Literary Sumerian of Old Babylonian Ur: UET 6/1-3 in Transliteration and Translation with Select Commentary Part 3/3."

New collaborations:
Natural History Museum of Utah is currently preparing digital files for their collection of c. 80 cuneiform tablets published in 1997 by David Owen (in ASJ 19) to be added to CDLI. A fuller introduction to the collection will be published in the next digest.

Google Summer of Code 2019:
We are proud to announce that CDLI was chosen for a second year for he Google Summer of Code 2019. Each year, Google offers summer internship positions to full-time students that participate in the elaboration of Open Source code with chosen organizations. This year, Assyriologists, computer scientists and computational linguists unite to mentor a very interesting selection of students with projects covering a wide range of topics such as computer vision and neural machine translation of the Sumerian language, using CDLI data. Mentors this year are Émilie Pagé-Perron, Ilya Khait, Willis Monroe, Rune Rattenborg, Jayanth, Shraddha Manchekar, Max Ionov and Niko Shenk.

 Follow this link for more information on individual projects:

For further information about the program, see :

If you would like to participate as a mentor or student next year, please get in touch with Émilie at epp@ucla.edu.  We are also welcoming volunteer programmer contributions (specifically Python and PHP)  throughout the year.

Call for further collaboration:

CDLI is always looking for lined-based translations (preferably English but other languages welcome), ATF formated transliterations (<http://oracc.museum.upenn.edu/doc/help/editinginatf/cdliatf/index.html>) and curated catalogue data. Do not hesitate to inquire for nstructions concerning formats and workflow.

On behalf of the CDLI
Émilie Pagé-Perron, Bertrand Lafont, Jacob L Dahl

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