Friday, July 15, 2016

Ge'ez Grammars Online

Courtesy of The Ancient Bookshelf
One can easily fit all of the Ge'ez grammars that have ever been published in European languages on one shelf.  Or, if you want to save some of that shelf space for your Wheel of Time novels, you can put most of those grammars on a flash drive/memory stick instead.  Here are some of the Ge'ez grammars that are available as PDFs (or in the google books reader) online:

Chaîne, Marius.  Grammaire éthiopienne. 1907.

Dillman, August & Carl Bezold. Trans. James A. Chrichton.  Ethiopic Grammar.  1907.

Dillman, August. Grammatik der äthiopischen Sprache. 1857.

Dillman, August & Carl Bezold. Grammatik der äthiopischen Sprache. 1899.

Ludolf, Hiob. Grammatica aethiopica. 1661.

Mercer, Samuel. Ethiopic Grammar, with Chrestomathy and Glossary. 1920.

Praetorius, Franz.  Aethiopische Grammatik. 1886.

Praetorius, Franz.  Grammatica Aethiopica. 1886.

Vittorio, Mariano.  Chaldeae, seu Aethiopicae linguae institutiones. 1630.

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