Friday, July 1, 2016

OpenEdition is joining Annotate all Knowledge Coalition

OpenEdition is joining Annotate all Knowledge Coalition
Annotate All Knowledge Coalition gathers over 40 scholarly publishers, platforms, libraries and technology partners that share the goal of building an open conversation layer over all knowledge. Over the next several years this coalition will be working together to define, design and implement a common framework for scholarly collaboration from peer-review through post-publication discussion, all based on open standards.
OpenEdition serves the humanities and social sciences research communities through four publication and information platforms: OpenEdition Books (books series), (scientific journals), Hypotheses (research blogs), Calenda (academic announcements).
OpenEdition is recognizing the potential for what annotation can bring to scholarship and is invested in experiments by implementing the annotation tools within the Openedition platforms in the framework of HORIZONS 2020 projects.
In particular OpenEdition has recently achieved an experiment on Open Peer Review using annotation tool for OpenAire2020 project. The report can be read here :

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