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The John Garstang Collection

The John Garstang Collection
This material is held at

University of Liverpool: Garstang Museum of Archaeology
Reference Number(s)GB 3431 JG
Dates of Creation[1890]-2002
Name of CreatorGarstang, John, 1878-1956, Archaeologist
Language of Material English German Egyptian (Ancient) French Greek (Ancient) Hittite Latin Nubian languages Sumerian
Physical Description Approx. 2 filing cabinets; 60 photograph albums; and 56 boxes of negatives

Scope and Content

The records of John Garstang including:
  • general papers and records of his early excavations, 1899-1907, (JG/1);
  • papers regarding the excavation of Beni Hasan, 1902-1904 (JG/2);
  • papers regarding Edfu Excavation Fund expedition, 1904-1905, (JG/3);
  • papers regarding the excavation of Esna, 1904-1906, and the survey of Nubia sites, 1906, (JG/4);
  • papers regarding the excavation of Abydos, 1906-1909, (JG/5);
  • records relating to Garstang's Near Eastern expeditions, 1907-1911 (JG/6);
  • papers regarding the excavation of Meroë, 1909-1914 (JG/7);
  • papers regarding the excavations at Jericho, 1930-1939, (JG/8);
  • papers regarding his excavations at Negada, (JG/9).
Many of these series also include later research at the Museum by researchers using the collection. The collection also contains photographic collections created during John Garstang's excavations and other collections attributed to Garstang including:
  • photographic archive of the Abydos excavations, 1906-1909 (JG/A)[listed];
  • photographic archive of the Beni Hasan excavations, 1902-1904, (JG/B), [listed];
  • photographic archive of the Esna excavations, 1905-1906, (JG/E), [listed];
  • photographic archive of excavations at Bet Khallaf and Mahasna, 1900-1901, (JG/F) [catalogued];
  • misc. photographic materials: 'Garstangania', (JG/G), [listed];
  • photographic archives of the Hierakonpolis and Hissayeh excavations, 1904-1906, (JG/H), [listed];
  • photographic archive of the survey of Hittite sites in Anatolia, 1907, (JG/HIT) [catalogued];
  • photographic archive of excavations in Nubia, 1906, (JG/K), [catalogued];
  • photographic archive of the excavation of Meroë. 1909-1914, (JG/M) [catalogued];
  • photographic archive the excavation at Naqada, 1904-1905, (JG/N), [listed];
  • photographic archive of 'Tombs of the Third Dynasty at Reqaqnah and Bet Khallaf', 1900-1902, (JG/R), [catalogued];
  • photographic archive of the excavation at Sakje Geuzi (Sakçagözü), 1908-1911, (JG/SG), [catalogued];
  • Misc. near eastern negatives, (JG/X), [catalogued];
  • Misc. Egyptian negatives, (JG/Z), [listed].
JG - The John Garstang Collection

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