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Hale and Buck: A Latin Grammar

Hale and Buck: A Latin Grammar


Hale and Buck's A Latin Grammar was first published by Ginn and Company in 1903. This edition is a collation of the two different versions of the original that I am aware of, hereafter referred to as versions A and B.

The Scans

Corrections and bug reports

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Editorial practices

Throughout I have tried to emulate the typographical conventions of the original fairly closely, but I have not hesitated to depart from them where convenient. Most such changes can pass without comment, but one perhaps requires some justification. In the original, there are many instances of paragraphs that are set in a smaller type than the main text, for example, 269 a and 270 a, b. An examination of the changes made in version B reveals that many of them are similarly reduced in size, which makes me think that most if not all such passages represent changes made in galleys. In other words, I believe the smaller typeface was used solely (or at least primarily) in order to make room for late additions to the page rather than to indicate that this material is somehow of less importance. Especially in view of the absence of any indication by the authors that they attach any such meaning to variation in type size, I have not tried to preserve such variations. (It's possible, of course, that the smaller type size does carry meaning in some cases, and there is sufficient variation in style to foster doubt. But if so, I'm unable to distinguish the cases.)

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