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Open Access Journal: Canadian Centre for Epigraphic Documents (CCED) Journal

[First posted in AWOL 24 July 2015, updates 9 October 2019]

Canadian Centre for Epigraphic Documents (CCED) Journal

The CCED Journal is a peer-reviewed publication. Submissions may be in either English or French. 

Submitted work should be double-spaced throughout, and should be prepared in conformity with The Chicago Manual of Style. 16th Edition.
Endnotes are preferred over footnotes. Articles should be in Times New Roman 12 pt. font.
Submissions can take the form of notes or observations (1/2 - 3 pages) or short articles (4-8 pages, plus references) relating to epigraphic studies.

Epigraphic Studies includes: 

  • historical or philological aspects of inscriptions
  • art historical aspects of inscriptions and their surrounding decorative motifs
  • digital humanities or information/library studies approaches relating to inscriptions
  • numismatics and sigillography  

We especially welcome articles on inscriptions from the CCED online collection and editions of unpublished inscriptions. 

All content submitted to the Canadian Centre for Epigraphic Documents (CCED) Journal shall be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Only License, the terms of which can be found at  
This license allows for all submitted content to be used free of charge so long as proper attribution is given.
 Volume 1, Issue 1 (2014)
  • Copyright Implications of Epigraphic Squeezes
    University of Toronto Libraries
  • Palaeography in Syriac Inscriptions and Manuscripts
    University of Toronto
  • Mitanni Palaeography: A Brief Look at the Tušratta Letters
    University of London
  • Under Saint Michael's Protection: A Tattoo from Christian Nubia
    British Museum
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