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Orly Goldwasser is chair of Egyptology at the Hebrew University and Honorary Professor at the University of Göttingen. Her research interests range from the origins of the alphabet to the relationship between ancient Egyptian "determinatives" and modern theories regarding world classification.


From Icon to Metaphor: Studies in the Semiotics of the Hieroglyphic Script.  (Orbis  Biblicus et OrientalisUniversitätsverlag Freiburg Schweiz  Vandenhoeck & RuprechtGöttingen, 1995).
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Goldwasser, O. 2012. “ The Miners that Invented the Alphabet — a Response to Christopher Rollston”.  Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections  4:3, 9–22.BOOK REVIEWS:     
C. ForcevillePictorial Metaphor in Advertising, (Routledge: London & N.Y, 1996), in: Journal of Pragmatics 31: 1999, 609-618. 

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