Friday, March 21, 2014

Ancient History Teachers’ Notes

Ancient History Teachers’ Notes
These teachers’ notes are intended to prepare teachers for the new OCR specification by covering the main aspects of each of the optional subjects. They contextualise the prescribed sources and identity which issues and sources are most relevant to the individual bullet points of the specification. They will also give relevant extra background information.
They are designed to complement, rather than replace, the materials provided by OCR. The format of the notes varies depending on their authors. Those for AH2 options 2 and 3 are set out as schemes of work, while the others address the specific bullet points identified in the specification. For other week by week lesson plans/schemes of work, please see the support material booklets provided by OCR. Bibliographies for each of the options are in the Teacher support booklet.
JACT Ancient History Committee
Sept 2008


AH1 option 1 Democracy AH1 option 2 Delian League AH1 option 3 Sparta


AH2 option 1 Cicero AH2 option 2 Augustus AH2 option 3 Roman Britain


AH3 option 2 Conflict AH3 option 3 Culture of Athens


AH4 option 1 Republic AH4 option 2 Imperial Rome AH4 option 3 Empire


  1. You can get a full set of these from the JACT website. In fact, it would be appreciated if you were to take these attachments down and replace with a link to the appropriate part of the JACT website. Thanks, Peter Liddel, Chair JACT AH Committee/Editor of AH Teachers' Notes.

    1. Thanks for your comment. These are in fact links to the JACT website. If there are more up to date links I'll be happy use them.