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Open Access Journal: Classica et Mediaevalia: Danish Journal of Philology and History

 [First posted in AWOL 5 February 2013, updated 27 November 2019]

Classica et Mediaevalia: Danish Journal of Philology and History
ISSN 0106-5815
ISSN 1604-9411 (Online)
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Classica et Mediaevalia encourages scholarly contributions covering the fields of Greek and Latin languages and literature up to, and including the late middle ages as well as Graeco-Roman history and traditions as manifested in general history, history of law, history of philosophy and ecclesiastical history. General linguistics, archaeology and the history of art are not usually dealt with.
Classica et Mediaevalia is a peer-reviewed annual online journal (January) which provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.
Classica et Mediaevalia (vol. 67, 2019) 
Classica et Mediaevalia (vol. 66)
Table of contents
Kristoffer Maribo Engell Larsen: "Aphrodite and Inanna: The Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite and Sumerian Poetry on Inanna"

M. Carmen Encinas Reguero: "Rhetoric in Classical Athens: The Recognition Scene in Aeschylus' Choephoroi and in Sophocles' and Euripides'Electra"

Janek Kucharski: "Matricide and Silence in Sophocles' Electra"

Charles Pry: "The Artist as Critic? Some Notes on the Portrayal of the Athenian Warmaking in the Plays of Euripides"

Benjamin Pedersen: "Callisthenes and the Creation of a Homeric Hero"

Katerina Philippides: "Altars and Temples in Plautine Comedy"

Nick Geller: "Rhetoric's "Cure": The Sublime τέχνη of Longinus"

Keith R. Bradley: Artemidorus and the Dreams of Slaves"

Marc Steinmann: "Eine fiktive Depesche der Gymnosophisten an Alexander den Großen: Die Epistula Bragmanorum ad Alexandrum als Einleitung zu einer moralisch-ethnographischen Epitome" Willum Westenholz: "Sidonius as an Auctor in the Middle Ages"

Stavroula Constantinou: "The Saint's Two Bodies: Sensibility under (self-)Torture in Byzantine Hagiography

Vasileios Pappas: "Justin Neograecus: The Translation of Epitome of Philippics by Daniel Philippides"

Heta Björklund: "A Note on the Aspects of the Greek Child-Killing Demon"
Classica et Mediaevalia (vol. 65) 
Classica et Mediaevalia (vol. 64)
Classica et Mediaevalia (vol. 63)
Classica et Mediaevalia (vol. 62)
Classica et Mediaevalia (vol. 61)
Classica et Mediaevalia (vol. 60)
Classica et Mediaevalia (vol. 60) 
 The following volumes have TOC and abstracts only
Classica et Mediaevalia (vol. 58) 
Classica et Mediaevalia (vol. 57) 
Classica et Mediaevalia (vol. 56) 
Classica et Mediaevalia (vol. 55) 
Classica et Mediaevalia (vol. 54) 
Classica et Mediaevalia (vol. 53)

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