Thursday, April 4, 2019

Open Access Journal: MELA Notes The Journal of the Middle East Librarians Association

[First posted in AWOL 5 November 2009. Updated 4 April 2019]

MELA Notes: The Journal of the Middle East Librarians Association
ISSN 0364-2410

The Middle East Librarians Association begins to publish MELA Notes as part of its reason for being. If this publication will continue to be read it is because we now encourage you to recall us to our purposes by your contributions and notices, and because you heartily do so. Our gratitude to the Officers and other lead-off writers. Suffice the Editor’s fingerprints to be his faithful signature.
We “People of the Book” have special and professional ties with the civilizations of the Middle East especially since the rise of Islam. The many streams of consciousness of which we are a part long ago interested the rest of the international community, so we gather the books and make bibliophiles! Our imperial languages of past and recent history mellow as they bend to the task of interpretation and cooperation. Herewith please read our stated objectives:
It shall be the purpose of the Middle East Librarians Association to facilitate communication among Members through meetings and publications; to improve the quality of area librarianship through the development of standards for the profession and education of Middle East library specialists; to compile and disseminate information concerning Middle East libraries and collections and represent the judgment of the Members in matters affecting them; to encourage cooperation among Members and Middle East libraries, especially in the acquisition of materials and the development of bibliographic controls; to cooperate with other library and area organizations in projects of mutual concern and benefit; to promote research in and development of indexing and automated techniques as applied to Middle East materials.
James W. Pollock (Indiana University Library, Bloomington) — Editor, MELA Notes, in the first number (Fall 1973).

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  1. MELA is interesting and informative--nice addition to AMIR. Karen Nemet-Nejat