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Open Access Journal: Vicino Oriente

[First posted 7/26/09,   Updated 11 September 2022]

Vicino Oriente
ISSN: 0393-0300
e-ISSN: 2532-5159 
Vicino Oriente is the journal of the Sezione di Orientalistica (Section of Oriental Studies) of the Department of Sciences of Antiquity of Rome “La Sapienza” University. 
VO is published yearly and deals with Near and Middle Eastern Archaeology, History, Epigraphy, extending its view on the whole Mediterranean with the study of Phoenician and Punic documents. 
Purposes of the journal are: to host preliminary reports of excavations currently carried on by the Department in the Near and Middle East, Egypt and the Mediterranean; to report about and update the status of research projects in progress; to introduce PhD projects currently undergoing in the Department.
The journal publishes contributions of historical, archaeological, artistic, philological, philosophical, and religious disciplines in ancient Mediterranean, Asia, and Africa. Papers submitted to the Editorial Board are, of course, selected by the members of the Scientific Committee, all scholars of the Section of Oriental Studies of Department of Sciences of Antiquities at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

Current Issue



L. Warbinek - The -šepa theonyms in the Hittite pantheon

F. Spagnoli - Il Santuario di Ras il-Wardija: la prima campagna di scavi 2021 della Missione archeologica a Gozo dell’Università di Roma «La Sapienza»

S. Seminara - Parcere subiectis et debellare superbos.
The Stele of Vultures as exemplary narrative

C.G. Cereti - G. Terribili - Epigraphic findings at Paikuli (2018-2019).
A Preliminary Study

J. Bogdani - D. D’Erasmo - C. de Leone - A. Giordano - Digitising the Napoleonic map of Egypt. The creation and publication of an open data set for the reconstruction of the ancient Egyptian landscape

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