Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Open Access Jounal: Egyptian GIS Center Newsletter

GIS Center Newsletter
Egyptian Minister of State for Antiquities (MSA), Geographic Information System Center
The GIS Center was founded to improve SCA's ability to protect and manage archaeological sites. This goal was achieved by creating a system for identification of the location and characteristics of archaeological sites and to record them in a searchable GIS and database. The information is then transferred to targeted stakeholders, which enables them to take the existence and significance of these sites into consideration in all conservation, land management and planning, and related socio-economic activities. 

Data collected for archaeological sites are: (1) archaeological data, including history of the sites, archaeological elements, excavation records, threats; (2) legal data, including ownership status and documents, and (3) digital maps containing site locations and background maps. 

Archaeological and legal data are entered into a bilingual database which facilitates viewing, editing, searching and reporting data, while maps are stored on the GIS server.

The GIS Center periodically issues newsletters to keep stakeholders, collaborators and interested parties informed of recent achievements and work progress, institutional development, and archaeological news.

You are welcome to view or download these newsletters.

Newsletter #04 December 2010
Newsletter #03 June 2010
Newsletter #02 March 2009
Newsletter #01 December 2008


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