Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Online handbook for OCHRE: An Online Cultural and Historical Research Environment

OCHRE: An Online Cultural and Historical Research Environment
by J. David Schloen and Sandra R. Schloen
November 2012
ISBN: 978-1-57506-264-8
THIS book describes an “Online Cultural and Historical Research
Environment” (OCHRE) in which scholars can record, integrate,
analyze, publish, and preserve their data. OCHRE is a multiproject,
multi-user database system that provides a comprehensive
framework for diverse kinds of information at all stages of research. It
can be used for initial data acquisition and storage; for data querying
and analysis; for data presentation and publication; and for long-term
archiving and curation of data. The OCHRE system was designed by
the co-authors of this book, David Schloen and Sandra Schloen. The
software for it was written by Sandra Schloen.

Although OCHRE was originally designed to facilitate cultural
and historical research, it can be used equally well in other academic
disciplines. It has a highly generic and flexible structure that can
accommodate any observations and conceptual distinctions a scholar
might make. Thus, it allows researchers to retain their own terminologies
while integrating their data with data recorded using quite
different taxonomies...

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