Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ebla Digital Archives Update

The editors of the Ebla Digital Archives (EbDA) are pleased to announce another major update to their database, which now includes the texts published in ARET 15,1 (Pomponio F. 2008, Testi amministrativi: assegnazioni mensili di tessuti periodo di Arrugum (archivio L. 2769), Roma : Missione archeologica italiana in Siria). These large administrative documents record monthly deliveries of textiles (often associated with metal objects), and provide the scholars with invaluable information for the reconstruction of the political history of third millennium Syria.

In addition, the text catalog has been further improved, as to include the excavation number, as well as the find spot of the individual tablets.

The next scheduled volume to be added to the EbDA database is ARES 4 by M. Civil, which will become available within a couple of months.

At present, EbDA not only provides the largest number of Ebla texts available on line, but also provides one of the most advanced search engine for cuneiform documents, thanks to the graphemic encoding of the transliterations and the support to regular expressions.

The Ebla Digital Archives project is based at, and funded by Ca'Foscari University of Venice.
Lucio Milano, Editor in Chief
Massimo Maiocchi, Associate Editor
Francesco Di Filippo, Software Designer
 See the Ebla Digital Archives Project in AWOL

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