Sunday, November 11, 2012

Archaeological conferences on Storify

Archaeological conferences on Storify
Storify is service which allows users to tell stories by aggregating online content such as pictures, videos and tweets. Since 2011, various people have begun to curate tweets and other media from archaeological conferences. This page exists to present a directory of conferences which are on Storify.
This page and the Google custom search are curated by Matt Law, Jessica Ogden, Nicole Beale and Lorna Richardson. To submit a link, please contact us. Thanks to Matt Nicholas, Pat Hadley, Alan Simkins, Sue Greaney and Shawn Graham.
'Stories Written in Stone' - International Symposium on Chert and Other Knappable Materials (Iasi, Romania) by Otis Crandell
'Barriers to Participation in Archaeology Online' workshop May 2012 (UCL, UK) by Lorna Richardson

6th Experimental Archaeology Conference 2012 (York, UK) by Ruth Fillery-Travis
CAA (Computer Applications in Archaeology) Conference 2012 (Southampton, UK)
CBA Winter Conference 2012 (London, UK) by Sue Greaney
Current Archaeology Live 2012 (London, UK) by Alan Simkins
Europa 2012 - Landscape, Monuments and Society (The Prehistoric Society and University of Reading, UK) by Sue Greaney
Society for Historical Archaeology 2012 (Baltimore, USA) by Nicolas Laracuente
Somerset Lost Islands, Hidden Landscapes Conference 2012 (Street, UK) by Matt Law
The Yorkshire Archaeology Postgraduate Group Conference 2012 (York, UK) by Emily Rayner
Digital Engagement in Archaeology (London, UK) by Chiara Zuanni
Archaeology, Communities and the Public 2011 (York, UK) by Pat Hadley
Archaeology & the Digital: Towards a Strategy of Engagement 2011 (London, UK) by Jessica Ogden
Computer Applications in Archaeology UK 2011 (Birmingham, UK) by Jessica Ogden
Society for American Archaeology 2011 (Sacramento, USA) [Day 1, Day 2, Day 3]  by Nicolas Laracuente
TAG (Theoretical Archaeology Group) USA 2011 (Berkeley, USA) by Colleen Morgan
TAG (Theoretical Archaeology Group) 2011 (Birmingham, UK) by Matt Nicholas

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