Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Open Access Journal: Anthropological Science

[First posted in AWOL 23 April 2009. Updated 15 November 2011]

Anthropological Science, earlier entitled Journal of Anthropological Society of Nippon
ISSN 0918-7960
Welcome to the Anthropological Science. Whilst Anthropological Science is the official journal of Anthropological Society of Nippon, the scope and aims of the journal extend further than the society. The pivotal role of Anthropological Science is to provide fair and convenient opportunities to anthropological researchers on a worldwide basis, including the fields of palaeoanthropology, morphological anthropology, population genetics, prehistory and archaeology, primatology, ecology, biomechanics, physiology, growth, development, and somatology, linguistics, etc. I look forward to receiving your exciting, novel and attractive original manuscripts and review papers.

The official journal of the anthropological society of Nippon has been published since 1886, making it one of the oldest science journals in Japan. With the first issue of 1993, the Anthropological Science has completed its 15years of publication. Thanks to the hard work and outstanding efforts of my predecessor, Gen Suwa of the University of Tokyo, and their associate editors, reviewers, authors, and support staffs of the anthropological society of Nippon. As a new editor-in-chief, I do not have any other choice, but to learn the successful footsteps from the previous editor-in-chief and keep enhancing the journal’s value to its authors and readers. The aim of the Anthropological Science is to highlight the theoretical and practical aspect of anthropology and related science .

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