Friday, November 11, 2011

News from the CDLI: Colgate University Libraries cuneiform collection

Colgate University Libraries cuneiform collection in CDLI 
The Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI <>), in partnership with the Colgate University Libraries, Special Collections (CUL-SC, <>), is pleased to announce the addition of new digital content to its web offerings.

The 48 cuneiform artifacts in the Colgate University Libraries consist of 43 Ur III accounts, four Old Akkadian, and one Old Babylonian text. In June of this year, UCLA graduate student Michael Heinle was kindly allowed to scan the artifacts as part of a digitization mission through upstate New York, and the results of the CUL effort have now been added to CDLI pages, viewable at <> (one text [<>] could not be located at the time of his visit). According to our records, 47 of the texts have been published in some form: seven by David I. Owen in MVN 15 (1991; and in JCS 24 [1971-1972] 150ff.), 40 by Daniel C. Snell & Carl H. Lager in YOS 18 (1991; also in part in Snell, ASJ 11 [1989] 159ff., and the big damgar Ur-Dumuzida account YOS 18, 122 in ASJ 11, 200-204 and YNER 8, 3 [see <>, a continuation of the running account STA 22 = <>]). Only ColgUL 48 <> is not known by us to have been edited, and we welcome publication reference, or notice of interest in publishing this sealed Old Babylonian document.

The imaging and image processing were made possible by funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and are part of the on-going mission of CDLI to ensure the long-term digital preservation of ancient inscriptions on cuneiform tablets, and, in furtherance of cuneiform research, to provide persistent, free global access to all available text artifact data.

For the CDLI and the CUL-SC:
Sarah Keen, Head of Special Collections and University Archivist, Colgate University
Robert K. Englund, Director, CDLI

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