Friday, November 4, 2011


[First posted in AWOL 21 March 2011. Updated 4 November 2011]

Pelagios: Enable Linked Ancient Geodata In Open Systems
PELAGIOS stands for 'Pelagios: Enable Linked Ancient Geodata In Open Systems' - its aim is to help introduce Linked Open Data goodness into online resources that refer to places in the Ancient World. Why do we want to do that? Well, we think it will make all sorts of other things possible, including new modes of discovery and visualization for scholars and the general publicPelagios also means 'of the sea', the superhighway of the ancient world - a metaphor we consider appropriate for a digital resource that will connect references to ancient places

We are an international consortium of projects and research groups:

Pelagios is funded by JISC as part of their #jiscGEO programme.

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