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British Library Digitised Manuscripts Milestone

On 24 November 2011 they completed the digitization of the first five hundred manuscripts:

Digitised Manuscripts 500 landmark

The British Library's Digitised Manuscripts was launched on 27 September 2010. Just over a year on, we have now published online and in its entirety our 500th item.
The most recent upload comprises another 75 Greek manuscripts (approximately 26,000 images), ranging in date from the 9th century to the 18th century. Items in Greek currently constitute by far the greatest part of Digitised Manuscripts, and we hope that, by digitising these manuscripts in full, and by providing enhanced descriptions, we have revolutionised access to this hugely important resource. We are extremely grateful to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation for its generosity and foresight in funding this project.
Aretaeus, De curatione diuturnorum morborum, Book II, 16th century: London, British Library, MS Harley 6326, f. 2r

Digitised Manuscripts at present contains images of 508 items from the British Library's wide-ranging collections, including the Lindisfarne Gospels, a Bach autograph, Civil War papers, India Office records, and Thai astrological drawings. Apart from our Greek manuscripts, more medieval content, comprising scientific books in Latin and various western European vernacular languages, will be published to the site in the coming months.
A full list of the recent Greek upload is given below. Among the highlights are a 9th century copy of Basil of Caesarea’s In Hexaemeron, a 16th century volume of Psalms and Proverbs in English, Latin, Hebrew and Greek, works of St John Chrysostom and St Basil of Ancyra dating from the 11th century, and a copy of Homer’s Odyssey dating from 1479.
Aristophanes, Plutus and Nubes, 15th century: London, British Library, MS Arundel 530, inside front cover

Add 5422
Appian of Alexandria, Historia Romana, 16th century
Arundel 211
Greek-Latin dictionary, 17th century
Arundel 518
Georgios Boustronios, Chronicle of Cyprus, 16th century
Arundel 522
Works of Hesiod and Euripides, 1489
Arundel 523
Constantine Manasses, Chronicle, 1312–1313
Arundel 524
Four Gospels, 11th century
Arundel 525
Letters of Phalaris, 1470
Arundel 526
Manuel Chrysoloras, Erotemata, 15th century
Arundel 528
Compilation for Makarios, Bishop of Helicz, 15th century
Arundel 530
Aristophanes, Plutus and Nubes, 15th century
Arundel 532
Basil of Caesarea, In Hexaemeron, 9th century
Arundel 533
Works of Theodoros Balsamon, 14th century
Arundel 534
Theophylact of Bulgaria, Commentary on the Letters of Paul, 14th century
Arundel 535
Ascetic works of Isaac the Syrian, 14th century
Arundel 537
Medical tracts, 15th century
Arundel 538
Hippocratic works, 15th/16th century
Arundel 540
Euripides, Hecuba, Orestes and Phoenissae, 15th century
Arundel 541
Grammatical works of Hermogenes, 15th century
Arundel 544
St John Chrysostom, In Ioannem, 14th century
Arundel 545
Thucydides, Peloponnesian War, 15th century
Arundel 546
Works of Theodoret of Cyrrhus and Palladius of Helenopolis, 16th century
Arundel 548
Elements of Euclid, 16th century
Arundel 549
Sermons of St Gregory of Nazianzus, 11th century
Harley 825
Letters of Ephraim Pagitt, 1635
Harley 931
Extracts from the Psalms and St Paul, 1623
Harley 1686
Cassianus Bassus, Geoponica, 16th century
Harley 1752
Collection of Hymns and Epigrams, 15th century
Harley 1837
Collations of the Greek Bible, c. 1640–1659
Harley 2427
Psalms and Proverbs in English, Latin, Hebrew and Greek, 16th century
Harley 3318
Works of Philipp Melanchthon and others, 17th century
Harley 5051
Extracts from Greek and Latin authors, 17th century
Harley 5232
Anonymous commentary on the Apophthegmata, 16th century
Harley 5533
Psalter, 12th century
Harley 5542
Tetrastichs on the New and Old Testaments, 16th century
Harley 5544
Kekragaria, with late Byzantine notation, 17th century
Harley 5547
Plato and Aristides, 15th century
Harley 5565
Extracts from Plato, 16th century
Harley 5568
Polybius, 'Excerpta Antiqua', 16th century
Harley 5571
Psalms and Odes, 15th century
Harley 5572
Greek Lexikon, 13th century
Harley 5589
Heron of Alexandria, 16th century
Harley 5591
Photius, Bibliotheca, 16th century
Harley 5597
Collection of fragments, 15th/16th century
Harley 5605
Heron of Alexandria, Pneumatica and De automatis, 16th century
Harley 5614
Liturgies, 15th/16th century
Harley 5618
Hephaestion, Enchiridion de metris, c. 1453–1470
Harley 5631
Chronicle of Constantinople, 1555
Harley 5633
Nectarius, Patriarch of Jerusalem, Περὶ τῆς ἀρχῆς τοῦ πάπα ἀντίρρησις, 1672–1682
Harley 5638
Plutarch and Philostratus, 16th Century
Harley 5643
Patristic miscellany, c. 1600
Harley 5646
Patristica, 16th century
Harley 5653
Psalter, 15th century
Harley 5654
Letters of scholars, 17th century
Harley 5656
Grammatical extracts from Herodian, Tryphon, 15th century
Harley 5658
Homer, Odyssey, 1479
Harley 5668
Olympiodorus, Commentary on Plato's Gorgias, 16th century
Harley 5677
Nicetas, Metropolites of Heraclea, Catena on the Psalms, 17th century
Harley 5689
St John Chrysostom and St Basil of Ancyra, 11th century
Harley 5777
Four Gospels, 15th century
Harley 6290
Grammatica, 15th century
Harley 6296
Porphyrius, De abstinentia, 17th century
Harley 6297
Michael Glykas, Letters, 1595
Harley 6299
Priscian, Psellus, Adamantius, Themistius, 15th century
Harley 6300
Euripides, Hecuba, Orestes and Phoenissae, 16th century
Harley 6303
Greek-Latin dictionary, 17th century
Harley 6305
Galen, c. 1500
Harley 6318
Johannes Stobaeus, Anthology, Books 1 and 2, 16th century
Harley 6319
Lycophron, 16th century
Harley 6323
Ovid, Hesiod, Oracula Sibyllina, 15th century
Harley 6326
Aretaeus, 16th century
Harley 6473
Extracts from J. G. Graevius, Thesaurus Antiquitatum Romanarum, 1697–1698
Harley 6506
Chrysoloras, 15th century
Harley 6510
Epitome of Livy, Greek glossary, 15th century
Harley 6875
Constantine Lascaris, Grammar, 16th century
Harley 6943
Miscellaneous correspondence of John Covel, D.D., 1672–1711

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