Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Open Access Journals": Another One Bites the Dust

Journal of Biblical Studies (archive at the Internet Archive)
ISSN: 1534-3057
Journal of Biblical Studies is an electronic journal dedicated to the field of Biblical Studies in general. Articles on any aspect of Biblical Studies (including: archaeology, linguistics, exegesis, history, and textual issues) are welcome, and contributions that challenge the traditional boundaries of Biblical Studies are  encouraged. We would also like to see articles that discuss the relationship between Biblical Studies and other disciplines.

JBS publishes standard scholarly articles (both full-length articles and shorter notes are equally welcome), project reports, and book reviews. In addition, the JBS home page will provide links to additional resources of interest to biblical studies, including archaeological field reports, primary sources, and links to other sites of interest.

This journal used to be online at http://www.journalofbiblicalstudies.org/ but is not any more.  It appears to be out of business.  Fortunately it is still accessible via the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, is a set of caches dated beweeen April 1, 2001 and August 22, 2008, with the most recently updated version listed as October 2, 2007.  If you wrote for the journal, or if you've cited articles appearing in it, now might be a good time to harvest them.

If and when JBS re-emerges, I'll update the links.


  1. J. Brian Tucker left a comment on my blog to the effect that there is hope that the journal may live again. I was told a while back that they were trying (apparently for several years) to get access to the server of the journal, from which they had become locked out.

    The journal has not been updated for some time, and so it may indeed simply vanish into the nether-regions of cyberspace, but I thought I would mention that there was at least some hope! :)

  2. I've been in touch with him myself. In the meantime there is the version at the Wayback Machine. The real lesson is that sustainability - probably with a long-term preservation commitment from an institution - needs to be a part of any such publication effort.

  3. Thanks, we are working on dealing with this. We have everything archived and hope to have it up soon.

  4. Good to hear. I'll gladly revise this entry!