Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Administrative Note

As of today, AWOL's Alphabetical list of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies includes eight hundred titles.

AWOL Statistics

As this week began, the number of email addresses subscribed to the feedburner email notification service passed the nineteen hundred mark.  It is personally and professionally gratifying that so many of you find this material interesting enough to choose to add yet another  piece of email to your daily routine.  The more so since the scope of AWOL is so broad.

 AWOL went on line in January 2009.  Sine then we have had 248,223 page loads, from 146,288 unique visitors. 40,897 of these made more than one visit.

Since May 2010, Blogger has been keeping detailed statistics on usage of files hosted there. In that period the ten most frequently viewed pages have been:

13,671 Pageviews

2,078 Pageviews

1,184 Pageviews

527 Pageviews

506 Pageviews

492 Pageviews

438 Pageviews

430 Pageviews

412 Pageviews

360 Pageviews

Administrative notes with user statistics have been posted in November 2011, October 2011July 2011, April 2011, January 2011December 2010October 2010, August 2010July 2010, May 2010, and  January 2010.

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  1. There's another open acces journal related to AW:



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  2. Thanks. I added this title in mid-October