Monday, December 20, 2010

ASCSA Digital Library Updated

New Research Interface for [12/20/2010]
Link to new research interface is circled in red available in

Quietly, without fanfare, data from several collections from the School archives was added to the Agora and Corinth collections on, including the Alison Frantz Photographic Collection, the Archaeological Photographic Collection, Dorothy Burr Thompson photographs, Ion Dragoumis Correspondence and Photographs from the Historical Archives.  Over 750,000 records are now available for federated searching.

Also Bruce Hartzler has been working to improve the features and functionality offered by the site.  One of the most important and perhaps the most difficult to find has been a new research interface which has a similar ‘blue and black on white’ feel in aesthetic and functionality of Google.  It sports a very wide text box for searching, which is an essential feature for refining searches.  The sidebar has links to narrow searches within collections and to change views between list, icon, table, plan, and map.  The icon view is particularly impressive and useful, and a user has the ability to fill their monitor with large thumbnails from various ASCSA collections.  To activate the research interface a link is provided under the search box in the upper right hand corner of the page (see inset image at upper right).  The user can then toggle back to the ASCSA style sheet with the link labeled “ASCSA interface” (click the image below).
Click on an image below to start the slideshow:
Research interface with icon view.

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