Wednesday, January 13, 2010

AWOL Administrative note and statistics

This is simply to remark that the first anniversary of AWOL was one week ago today.
  • Since then I have posted 370 entries.
  • The List of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies contains 521 titles and is the most popular pafe in AWOL.
  • Seventeen users are known to be subscribed by way of feed readers and aggregators.
  • Eight hundred and seven email address are subscribed through Feedburner to receive daily notifications of new content.
  • AWOL has had 74,949 page loads from 44,957 unique visitors of whom 11,469 made repeat visits [use of data distributed to email subscribers is presumably not heavily represented in these numbers since all data and links are sent for local use].
I appreciate the interest and support of those of you who use AWOL, and encourage you to comment, make suggestions, and share the content when appropriate (noting the
Bookmark and Share

button which will now appear on all new and revised pages).

Administrative notes with user statistics have been posted in March 2012, November 2011, October 2011July 2011, April 2011, January 2011December 2010October 2010, August 2010July 2010, May 2010, and  January 2010.

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