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Open Access to the archaeology of Giza

Giza Archives Project
The third entry in AWOL in early May 2008: AWOL - The Ancient World Online - 3 was a survey of Peter Manuelian's Giza Archives Project, at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts which includes a "a freely accessible, online library of monographs, articles, and manuscripts on the Giza Necropolis".

The current inventory of the Giza Library includes every Giza book and article by the members of the Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition (George Reisner, William Stevenson Smith, Dows Dunham, etc.), as well as every Egyptian and Nubian article ever published in the Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (BMFA). It also includes all volumes of the more recent Giza Mastabas Series, edited by Peter Der Manuelian and William Kelly Simpson. Finally, current scholarship is also well represented.

Ancient Egypt Research Associates Giza Project

Journal articles by Mark Lehner

PDFThe Development of the Giza Necropolis: The Khufu Project
Mitteilungen des Deutschen Archäologishen Institutes, Abteilung Kairo 41 (1985): 109-43

PDFThe 1988/89 Excavation of Petrie’s “Workmen’s Barracks” at Giza
Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt 38 (2001): 21-60 PDF

PDFThe Pyramid Age Settlement of the Southern Mount at Giza
Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt 39 (2002): 27-74 PDF

Egyptian Pottery Manuals

A Manual of Egyptian Pottery, Volume 1 and Volume 2, by Dr. Anna Wodzińska. A second edition will be coming out late in 2010 with an expanded introduction and additional material. Download the PDFs for free below.
Egyptian Pottery 1 Egyptian Pottery 2

Selected Articles from Our Specialists: Material Culture Analysts and Archaeological Science

We take a multi-disciplinary view in analyzing the complex archaeological site of the Giza Plateau demands. To help our readers to gain a better understanding of the many specialist disciplines that we use in our study of ancient Egypt, we will post a variety of articles from our field and storeroom specialists on this page. We hope that this will give you a sense of the AERA philosophy of looking at Egyptian archaeology from all sides. For a more complete listing of our team members publications, please visit our Lectures and Publications page.
Hatmehyt AmuletA Girl and Her Goddess
Life and death in Late Period Giza

FlintFlint Industries at Ancient Giza
Stone Age Tools in the Bronze Age

Pyramid Builders HouseA Pyramid-builder’s House
Conservation and reconstruction

Pyramids and ProteinPyramids and Protein
Of cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs

GISGeographic Information Systems (GIS)
Making data talk to us


AERAGRAM 2008_9_1AERAGRAM is the official newsletter of Ancient Egypt Research Associates.
Download the AERAGRAM PDFs for free.

Giza Occasional Papers (GOP)

GOP 1The Giza Occasional Papers are the preliminary reports on AERA’s field seasons at Giza.
Download the GOP PDFs for free.

Giza Plateau Mapping Project (AERA in association with the Oriental Institute - Chicago)

The Giza Plateau Mapping Project, under the direction of Mark Lehner, Visiting Assistant Professor of Egyptian archaeology at the Oriental Institute, is dedicated to research on the geology and topography of the Giza plateau, the construction and function of the Sphinx, the Great Pyrimids, the associated tombs and temples, and the Old Kingdom town in the vicinity. Lehner is a pioneer in the use of state-of-the-art computer graphics and remote sensing technology to model the ancient configuration of the Giza Plateau. In addition he has collaborated with an architectural firm to produce a detailed computer model of the Sphnix which is of exceptional value both as a research tool and to guide current conservation efforts.


Annual Reports [of field seasons at Giza]

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