Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Proposal for an open access magazine about Ancient Egypt

Andie Byrnes and Kate Phizackerley are floating a proposal for an open access online Egyptological magazine.

Ther development of the project will be chronicled at:

Egyptological Magazine Site Status

We are Andie Byrnes and Kate Phizackerley, authors of two top blogs about Ancient Egypt.

We believe that many readers would appreciate something more in depth than short news reports and would like to create a free, online magazine about Ancient Egypt. We will be floating the idea on our blogs in the next couple of days to assess support from readers and potential writers.

If we go ahead, there’s a lot of development needed to build the site. You will be able to follow progress here. Once the site is up and running, any site news will be posted here so that we don’t have to slip it into the magazine itself. Of course, it’s possible we are wrong and there isn’t a demand for a magazine but don’t despair … there is a plan B which would be announced here!

Kate gives more background in Support for an Ancient Egypt Magazine? on her News from the Valley of the Kings blog.

I will happily support this project in any way I can!

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