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The Newest Sappho: P. Sapph. Obbink and P. GC inv. 105, Frs. 1-4: Studies in Archaic and Classical Greek Song, vol. 2

Volume Editors: Anton Bierl and André Lardinois
Cover The Newest Sappho: P. Sapph. Obbink and P. GC inv. 105, Frs. 1-4

Mnemosyne, Supplements, Volume: 392

Retraction Notice: Postscript (March, 2021): The Publisher notifies the readers that Chapter 2 of this volume (Dirk Obbink, “Ten Poems of Sappho: Provenance, Authenticity, and Text of the New Sappho Papyri”) has been retracted. For more information please view the statement by the editors in the Retraction Notice in the front matter of this volume and on page 9 of the Introduction. The reasons for this retraction include the serious doubts that have been raised in the years following the publication of this edited volume about the provenance of the newest Sappho papyri (P. Sapph. Obbink and P GC. inv.105).

In The Newest Sappho Anton Bierl and André Lardinois have edited 21 papers of world-renowned Sappho scholars dealing with the new papyrus fragments of Sappho that were published in 2014. This set of papyrus fragments, the greatest find of Sappho fragments since the beginning of the 20th century, provides significant new readings and additions to five previously known songs of Sappho (frs. 5, 9, 16, 17 and 18), as well as the remains of four previously unknown songs, including the new Brothers Song and the Kypris Song. The contributors discuss the content of these poems as well as the consequence they have for our understanding of Sappho’s life and work. 


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