Thursday, June 9, 2022

New version of site released

Last Friday was the soft launch of the new website. The design aspects of dynamically generated pages are largely unchanged (search results based on Solr, interfaces built on SPARQL, concept pages generated from RDF), but we have migrated all static content to Jekyll. This will make it easier for Nomisma committee members to update pages through Github, making the project more sustainable in the long-term since I (Ethan Gruber) won't have to update these static pages within the Nomisma framework.


The new site introduces an improved structure for getting information about Nomisma. It includes:

  • An about page with the history of the project and list of current projects.
  • The scientific committee.
  • A list of Nomisma working groups and whom to email about contributing.
  • A landing page with more concise information about how to get Nomisma data.
  • Improved UI for SPARQL examples (expect more examples to come) and two YouTube videos that introduce Nomisma's data model and SPARQL endpoint.
  • A link to a Digital Numismatics bibliography (a Zotero group) maintained by the scientific committee
  • Furthermore, I made an improvement to the partner datasets page in order to categorize contributions by dataset type (collections, types, hoards, etc.).

 In the near future, you should expect the publication of the Nomisma cookbook. This cookbook is our long-overdue detailed documentation of our ontology and data model, with specific modelling examples represented as TTL.


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