Wednesday, June 22, 2022

ePSD2 News


A cumulative list of changes made to words and word IDs is available on the OID History page

2.6, 2022-06-21

  • 142 changes to entries including 72 new words
  • Reworked epsd2/catalogue now tracks almost 155,000 Sumerian or bilingual texts
  • New alignment validation implemented to eliminate mismatches between subprojects/partner projects and main ePSD glossaries
  • Two Women B added to DSSt (courtesy Jana Matuszak)
  • Several thousand admin texts harvested from CDLI, lemmatized, and reviewed (Veldhuis/Jones/Tinney)
  • admin/names Ur III normalizations (Niek Veldhuis)
  • admin/oakk girsu and adab review completed (Philip Jones)
  • admin/ebla removed
  • Yet more separation of Emegir and Emesal forms; additions to Ershahungas via BLMS
  • Inclusion of OB liturgical texts from; most of these are much improved revisions of texts that were formerly in epsd2/praxis/liturgy


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